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Into All the World

Beyond Midland

Crop Walk

Midland Seventh-day Adventist Church participates each year in the Midland area Crop Walk.  This program raises money to end hunger world-wide.  You may find more information about Crop Walk by visiting their website at http://hunger.cwsglobal.org/site/PageServer?pagename=crop_main

Camps for Blind Children

The Seventh-day Adventist Church provides special camps for blind and visually impaired children so that they might enjoy the same opportunities as sighted children.  This is a part of Christian Record Services.  For more information visit their website at

Our Missionaries

One of the foundational beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists is that the gospel should be given to the world.  Hence foreign missions has always been important. In addition to general mission support through the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, the Midland SDA Church also supports two families as missionaries to the region of west Africa.

The Bade family
The Bade family has given themselves to mission service in Benin.  Benin is the birthplace of Voodoo.  Although that area is 99% Muslim the effects of traditional animism and spirit worship still pervade religious practice.  The Bade family are native to another country (Ivory Coast) in west Africa but were willing to move to Benin to spread the gospel of Christ.  They have built a center for religious dialog so that all may come and be involved in exploring the differences and commonalities between Christianity and other religions of the area.

The Papendick family
The Papendick family were former members of Midland SDA Church.  They have unselfishly prepared themselves in the area of health sciences to go to west Africa to help meet the crying needs of the Africans in the area of Senegal.

Sermon Podcasts

Each week the sermon is recorded and available for immediate listening or for download or for podcast subscription on the media page by following this link.

TV and Radio

Adventist radio and TV are available on the media page by following this link.


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