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Once in a Lifetime

Speaker: Norman Moll

Original Broadcast Date:  March 16, 2013

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Blest be the God of Israel, the ever-living Lord.
You come in power to save Your own, Your people Israel.
For Israel You now raise up Salvation’s tower on high
In David’s house, who reigned as king and servant of the Lord.

Through holy prophets did you speak Your word in days of old,
That You would save us from our foes and all who bear us ill.
On Sinai You gave to us Your covenant of love;
So with us now You keep Your word in love that knows no end.

Of old you gave your solemn oath to father Abraham:
Whose seed a mighty race should be and blest forevermore.
You vowed to set Your people free from fear of every foe,
That we might serve You all our days in goodness, love and peace.

O tiny child, Your name shall be the prophet of the Lord;
The way of God You will prepare to make God’s coming known.
You shall proclaim to Israel Salvation’s dawning day,
When God shall wipe away all sins with mercy and with love.

The rising sun shall shine on us to bring the light of day
To all who sit in darkest night and shadow of the grave.
Our footsteps God shall safely guide to walk the ways of peace,
Whose name forevermore be blest, who lives and loves and saves.